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ASMA is a leading supplier of container handling equipment for shipping terminals in Qatar. We are also the top provider of geomembrane works, specializing in HDPE lining, geotextiles, and geogrids. Our expertise extends to engineering landfills, industrial and utilities tanks, water reservoirs, and sewage treatment plants.

We offer solutions for secondary containment, solid waste containment, waterproofing for concrete construction, hazardous medical waste containment, soil reinforcement, anti-gas containment, and leachate collection systems. Additionally, we deal in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for Road Projects, various Waterproofing Materials, DI Pipes and Fittings for water and sewage works, and a diverse range of capital equipment.

Scaffolding & Formwork

Scaffolding and formwork play a crucial role in the construction industry, serving as indispensable components. They are instrumental in turning the visions and designs of architects and builders into tangible structures. By ensuring the secure installation, efficient management, and proper dismantling of these essential supporting structures, buildings are brought to life and fulfill their intended functions.

ASMA Scaffolding and Formwork Services Division is a prominent provider of comprehensive scaffolding and formwork solutions for construction projects in Qatar. We customize our systems to cater to the unique requirements of each project, regardless of its scale.

Tensile Membrane Structures

ASMA, a specialist in Tensile Membrane Structures, has achieved remarkable growth by prioritizing quality standards and maximizing efficiency. Through their unwavering commitment to excellence and consistent performance, ASMA has earned a reputation as a reliable industry leader in this field.

Passive Fire Protection

ASMA are authorized distributor & applicator for 3M, the global leader of Fire Stop Systems providing professional & technical expertise in the field of fire stopping to clients since 2012.

The division is accredited by FM 4991, FCIA, QCDD & Kahramaa offering full service fire stopping in new construction & renovation projects, as specialist fire stop contractor.


ASMA provides an extensive range of products for the fast growing construction industry in Qatar & executed secured supply agreements with leading building materials manufacturers.

Being one of the main divisions in ASMA, the Industrial Division fulfills the niche requirements of customers in various sectors including Government, Semi Government & projects related to private sectors.

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