Our Company offers a diverse and extensive range of products to meet the ever-evolving demands of various industries.

With our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we have established ourself as a leading provider of cutting-edge solutions.

We continue to shape industries and drive progress in an ever-changing world.


From ductile iron pipes and fittings to resilient and metal-seated valves, stainless steel and carbon steel pipes, cast iron soil pipes, and fire hydrants, COMMERCIAL DIVISION provides essential infrastructure components for water supply, plumbing, and wastewater management.

In addition to these fundamental products, COMMERCIAL DIVISION also specializes in supplying construction materials and systems. They offer HDPE and PVC membranes, concrete protection liners, cementitious and liquid applied waterproofing systems, and a variety of construction chemicals and waterproofing materials. These solutions ensure the durability, integrity, and longevity of structures, protecting them from water damage and other environmental factors.

COMMERCIAL DIVISION’s product range extends beyond construction and infrastructure. They provide a wide array of products for transportation and logistics, such as container liners, port and dock trailers, transit mixers, trailers (flatbed, low bed), tippers, and tankers. These products contribute to efficient cargo handling, transportation, and logistics operations, supporting industries that rely on the movement of goods.

Moreover, COMMERCIAL DIVISION offers advanced technology solutions for traffic management and information provision. Their offerings include dynamic message signs, traffic signals, software systems, security and safety systems, detection technology, and payment systems. These technologies enhance road safety, traffic flow, and communication, enabling smarter and more efficient transportation systems.

COMMERCIAL DIVISION also caters to specialized industries and applications. They supply heavy-duty forklifts for industrial operations, mobile air compressors for construction and mining, and various geosynthetic and drainage solutions for environmental and infrastructure projects. Their comprehensive range of products meets the specific requirements of these industries, supporting their operations and driving progress.

• Wade Drains
• Fire Hydrants
• Container Liners
• Cast Iron Soil Pipes
• Port & Dock Trailers
• Mobile Air Compressors
• Geosynthetic Clay Liner
• Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel Pipes,
• Dynamic Message Sign, Traffic Signals
• Geogrid, Drainage Cells, Modular Tanks
• AWWA Valves Resilient & Metal Seated Valves
• HDPE, PVC Membrane, Concrete Protection Liner
• Construction Chemicals & Waterproofing Materials
• Torch Applied Membranes, Self Adhesive Membranes
• Ductile Iron Pipes & Fittings, Flange Adaptor & Couplings
• Cementitious and Liquid Applied Waterproofing Systems
• Detection Technology & Payment Systems Heavy Duty Forklifts


INDUSTRIAL DIVISION’s product offerings in ironmongery, locking systems, wooden and steel doors, overhead cranes, dock levelers, suspended working platforms, BMU window cleaning systems, GRP and steel section tanks, perimeter security fencing, garbage handling equipment, switchgear, power cables, interior and landscape lighting, and street lighting poles and luminaries demonstrate their commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for different industries.

By offering a wide range of products, INDUSTRIAL DIVISION caters to the diverse needs of customers in sectors such as construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, energy, and more. These products contribute to the efficiency, safety, and functionality of buildings, facilities, and infrastructure projects, playing a vital role in shaping industries and driving progress.

• Switchgear
• Dock levelers
• Power cables
• Overhead cranes
• Garbage Compactors
• Pedestrian Guard Rails
• GRP & steel section tanks
• Perimeter Security Fencing
• Aluminum & HDG Handrails
• Garbage Handling Equipment
• Suspended working platforms
• BMU Window Cleaning System
• Garbage & Linen Chute System
• Interior & Landscape Lightings
• Ironmongery & locking systems
• Street Lighting Poles & Luminaries
• Aluminum Open Mesh Gratings/floorings
• Steel, Aluminum & HDG Ladders & Platforms
• Heavy/Light Duty Aluminum & GI Access Covers

Passive Fire Protection

ASMA offers a range of fire stopping systems and related products that are QCD (Qatar Civil Defense) approved. These products are designed to enhance fire safety and prevent the spread of fire in buildings. Here are some of the fire stopping products provided by ASMA:

Fire Rated Sealants & Wraps (QCD Approved): ASMA supplies QCD-approved fire rated sealants and wraps. These products are used to seal gaps, joints, and penetrations in fire-rated walls, floors, and ceilings, preventing the passage of smoke and fire.
Fire Rated Cable Coatings: ASMA offers fire rated cable coatings that provide fire protection for electrical cables. These coatings are designed to delay the spread of fire along cables, maintaining the integrity of critical electrical systems during a fire event.
3M Fire Rated Boards: ASMA provides 3M fire rated boards, which are specifically designed to provide fire protection and insulation. These boards are used to create fire barriers and enclosures, ensuring the containment of fire within designated areas.
Expansion Joint Systems: ASMA supplies expansion joint systems that are designed to accommodate building movement while maintaining fire resistance. These systems are used in construction joints and gaps to prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

The fire stopping products offered by ASMA are QCD approved, indicating that they comply with the fire safety standards set by the Qatar Civil Defense. These products are tested and certified to meet the required fire resistance and containment criteria, providing reliable fire protection in buildings.

ASMA’s fire stopping systems, including fire rated sealants and wraps, fire rated cable coatings, 3M fire rated boards, and expansion joint systems, contribute to the overall fire safety measures in buildings. By preventing the spread of fire and smoke, these products help protect lives, property, and critical infrastructure, ensuring a safer environment for occupants.

• 3M Fire Rated Boards
• Expansion joint systems
• Fire rated cable coatings
• Fire stopping systems (QCD Approved)
• Fire rated sealants & wraps (QCD Approved)

Tensile Membrane Structures

ASMA specializes in the design, fabrication, and installation of various tensile fabric membrane structures and shading systems. Here are some of the products and services they offer in this area:

Tensile Fabric Membrane Structure: ASMA designs and constructs innovative tensile fabric membrane structures. These structures feature a lightweight and flexible membrane material stretched over a supporting framework to create visually striking and functional architectural forms.
Engineering/Design/Form Finding: ASMA provides engineering and design services for tensile fabric membrane structures. They employ advanced form-finding techniques and computer-aided design (CAD) software to optimize the shape and performance of the structures.
Fabrication of Supporting Steel: ASMA fabricates the supporting steel framework required for tensile fabric membrane structures. The steel components are precision-engineered and manufactured to ensure structural integrity and durability.
Manufacturing of Membranes: ASMA manufactures high-quality membranes for tensile fabric structures using materials like PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene). These membranes are known for their strength, weather resistance, and architectural versatility.
Installation: ASMA offers professional installation services for tensile fabric membrane structures. Their skilled team ensures the precise and secure installation of the structures, considering factors such as site conditions and safety requirements.
PVC/PTFE Covering: ASMA provides PVC and PTFE coverings for various applications. These coverings are used in tensile fabric structures, car park shades, walkways, umbrellas, and shading systems. PVC and PTFE materials offer excellent weather resistance and durability.
Tensile Membranes: ASMA offers a wide range of tensile membranes in different shapes, sizes, and colors. These membranes are used for creating lightweight and visually appealing architectural structures, providing shade, and enhancing aesthetics.
Car Park Shades: ASMA specializes in car park shade structures using tensile fabric membranes. These shades provide protection from the sun and weather elements, keeping vehicles cool and protected.
Public Park Walkways: ASMA designs and constructs tensile fabric membrane walkway structures for public parks. These structures provide shelter and shade for pedestrians while adding an aesthetic element to the park environment.
Umbrellas: ASMA manufactures and installs umbrellas with tensile fabric membranes. These umbrellas are used in various outdoor spaces, such as cafes, restaurants, resorts, and public areas, to provide shade and enhance the visual appeal.
Motorized Umbrellas: ASMA offers motorized umbrellas with retractable tensile fabric membranes. These umbrellas can be easily adjusted and controlled to provide shade as needed, offering flexibility and convenience.
Shading Systems: ASMA provides shading systems using tensile fabric membranes. These systems can be customized and integrated into different architectural and outdoor spaces to control sunlight, reduce glare, and create comfortable shaded areas.

Additionally, ASMA offers other products and services related to architectural structures, including:

K-span: ASMA provides K-span structures, which are large-span, self-supporting metal roofing systems. These structures are commonly used in industrial and commercial buildings.
HDPE Shading System: ASMA offers High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) shading systems for various outdoor applications. These systems provide effective sun protection and are highly durable and resistant to UV radiation.
Polycarbonate Covering: ASMA supplies polycarbonate coverings for architectural applications. Polycarbonate sheets are known for their transparency, durability, and impact resistance, making them suitable for roofing and cladding solutions.
Structural Steel: ASMA specializes in the fabrication and installation of structural steel components for various construction projects. Structural steel is widely used for its strength, versatility, and cost-effectiveness in building applications.
Engineering/Design: ASMA provides engineering and design services for architectural and construction projects. Their team of professionals offers expertise in structural analysis, design optimization, and compliance with relevant codes and standards.
Metal Roofing/Louvers: ASMA offers metal roofing and louver systems for commercial and industrial buildings. These systems provide weather protection, ventilation, and aesthetic appeal.

ASMA’s expertise in tensile fabric membrane structures, shading systems, metal roofing, and other architectural solutions showcases their commitment to providing innovative and functional designs, high-quality materials, and professional services to meet the diverse needs of clients in various industries.

• Tensile Fabric Membrane Structure
• Engineering/Design/Form Finding
• Fabrication of Supporting Steel
• Manufacturing of Membranes
• PVC/PTFE Covering
• Car park Shades
• Public Park Walkways
• Umbrellas
• Shading Systems
• K-span
• HDPE Shading System
• Polycarbonate Covering
• Structural Steel
• Metal Roofing/Louvers

Scaffolding & Formwork

ASMA offers a comprehensive range of scaffolding services to support construction and maintenance projects. Their scaffolding services include:

  1. Scaffolding Planning and Design: ASMA provides scaffolding planning and design services, ensuring that the scaffolding structure is suitable for the project requirements. They consider factors such as load capacity, access points, safety regulations, and specific project needs.
  2. Scaffolding Erection / Dismantling / Modification: ASMA’s team of experienced professionals handles the erection, dismantling, and modification of scaffolding structures. They ensure that the scaffolding is set up safely and efficiently, following industry best practices and adhering to safety regulations.
  3. Shoring Up and Propping Up: ASMA offers shoring up and propping up services to provide temporary support to structures during construction or renovation. These services ensure the stability and safety of the work area.
  4. Falsework and Formwork: ASMA provides falsework and formwork services, which involve creating temporary structures to support concrete during the construction process. This ensures proper shaping and curing of concrete elements.
  5. Onsite Support: ASMA offers onsite support throughout the duration of the scaffolding project. Their team is available to address any concerns, provide technical assistance, and ensure that the scaffolding remains safe and functional.
  6. Supply of Certified Scaffolders: ASMA supplies certified scaffolders who are trained and experienced in scaffold erection, dismantling, and modification. These professionals ensure that the scaffolding work is carried out with precision and adherence to safety standards.

With their scaffolding services, ASMA provides a comprehensive solution for temporary structures needed in construction projects. Their expertise in scaffolding planning and design, erection, dismantling, modification, shoring up, propping up, falsework, formwork, onsite support, and supply of certified scaffolders ensures the safe and efficient execution of projects while adhering to industry standards and regulations.

• Falsework and Formwork
• Pro-active safety support
• Shoring up and propping up
• Supply of Certified Scaffolders
• Scaffolding planning and design
• Scaffolding erection / dismantling / modification
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